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How to Get a Girl to Start Sexting

Speaking to girls can sometimes be challenging. That’s because they usually put up a wall to keep out creeps who do not understand the concepts of “boundary” and “consent”. Most of us just feel lucky when we manage to cross that wall and reach a comfort zone with them. But how do you get a girl to start sexting after that?

For girls, sexting is all about opening up and becoming intimate with you over the chat. To get your dream girl to do that, you need the perfect balance between boldness and gentleness. You have to figure out the right time for it. Even if you’re not in a committed relationship and just want to have fun, you have to be elegant.

Here are a few tips to get a girl to start sexting!

How to Get a Girl to Start Sexting

To get a girl into the zone where she sheds off her inhibitions, you have to be smooth and respectful. You can try the following -

a) Choosing the Right Platform

The platform you’ll choose for sexting dictates the equation between you and your partner. There are many dating platforms like Tinder,, and POF to meet a hot girl. You can also try the Kik sexting app to maintain privacy, as the app does not require a phone number to blow off some steam.

Even WhatsApp sexting is becoming popular quite fast. It will work particularly well with a girl you are already dating or talking to for a while. But whether this is a one-time virtual fling, or you're just trying to keep the flame alive with someone you've been with, you have to be careful about how you take the first step.  

b) Wait for the Perfect Moment

When you’re trying to get a girl to start sexting, you cannot just jump right to it and scare her off. In simple words, timing is the key. A misplaced compliment about a woman’s hotness can kill your game, and so can a kiss sent too soon. So go slow and make a move only when you think it’s the right time.

Figure out where you guys are in your relationship. If you’ve already been physically close or at least had a kiss, it will be easier for you to pick up from there. If it’s your first time, you have to understand if she is ready to get adventurous. Don’t forget to ask if she is busy before you begin a risque conversation.    

c) Find a Way to Her Mind

For women, physical intimacy usually starts with the mind. So innocent foreplay can help stimulate a woman. Start with flirty compliments, sexy confessions, kiss emojis, funnily suggestive GIFs, and more, which can do the trick if you can maintain a great balance. Hurrying into a sex chat will not help.

Women are not visual like men, so sending nude selfies might not work as well as you expect. Instead, try words to get her response. While you don't exactly have to be romantic with her from the word "go", you should spend some time fine-tuning your messaging skills and crafting proper texts.  

d) Be Graceful about Photos

If you're planning on sending your girl a "fun" photo of yourself or asking her for one, you have to be really careful. The first thing you have to bear in mind is if she is ready for either. If she is flirty and bold, you can ask her for a photo. Depending on how naughty her picture is, you can return the favor to her.

Don't be crude in your approach. You can tell her how much you miss seeing her. If you're sending the first shirtless click, share something innocent like a workout selfie or cute "just out of bed" shot. But trust is essential - and unless both partners have equal faith in each other, photos should be off the table.

e) Set Some Ground Rules

It is ok to be the first one to have a conversation about boundaries. Sexting is all about written words that cannot be taken back. There might be an exchange of photos, too. But none of this will work out if there's anxiety about the safety and privacy of these intimate moments between you and your partner.

Having a conversation about rules and safety might sound like a mood-killer. But trust us when we say that it will get you both into the mood. Discuss screen locks and vault apps that will prevent accidental breaches of privacy. You can set a rule to delete images and chat history after your hot session.  

f) Be Casual - and Bold

Expressing your desires might feel a little edgy, but you have to do it at some point when the moment is right. Flirty messages and innuendos can help build the tension, and eventually, you have to make your way to the sexy parts of the conversation. Learn to read her mood and respond slowly and seductively.

Don't just jump into a sex chat out of nowhere because being crude can be a big turnoff. You can also turn regular conversations into something playful and flirty, but don't dilly-dally for too long. Beating around the bush will not only dampen your chances of seducing her but also make her feel disinterested.    

Tips for Sexting with a Girl

When you finally get a get to start sexting with you, you can follow a few tips to ensure that you don’t turn her off or scare her. To get comfortable with each other, try the following -  

  1. Play games like 20 Questions and Tell Me A Secret to help each other open up.
  2. Share an erotic story to get into the zone of getting sexy with the help of words.
  3. Ask questions to learn more about what she is comfortable with and build trust.
  4. Be vulnerable, and don't be afraid to show your insecurities and discomforts.
  5. Ask for permission whenever you want to take your sexting to the next level.


Final Words

Sexting can be fun if there's mutual respect and complete comfort. To get a woman to start sexting, you must first understand how the mind of a woman works. But then again, there's no thumb rule that you can follow here. Every woman will respond differently to your advances, and you have to be the judge of your situation.

The woman you want to sext with can be someone you’ve just met. Or it can be your girlfriend with whom you want to spice things up. Either way, you have to be careful about how you broach the subject of sexting, building a zone of trust and comfort. Hot and vulnerable - try being a little bit of both to attract a girl and get her to start sexting.