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What Is Whatsapp Sexting

Whatsapp appears now to be one of the most popular communication apps used from the dating/casual arena, being one of the most used apps with over 800 million active users its no surprise that this app is used for sexting all over the world.

So what exactly do people who use these communications apps actually send? If you have never used a casual dating site or even a mainstream dating site like POF then you maybe aware that when people decide they like one of the people online and they swap their contact details, 70% of the time the conversation turns in to a sexting type chat and people get into sexting quite quickly.

How Sexting Starts

General chit chat can quickly move to a more interesting conversation and the theme can move onto sex, sexual positions and then heavy flirting is used during sexting whilst using the app. There is a disadvantage to using the app and that is that people must swap their actual mobile numbers with each other and this may or may not cause issues in the future (as realistically you don't know this person from adam.) If you don't want to swap numbers you can always use KIK which only required a username and email to signup and swapping a username does not reveal your private number.

After the initial welcomes and oh you look stunning the topic can quickly move to a more sexual nature and that's what sexting is all about. Flirting quickly moves to more intimate conversation and the off photo of a cleavage and maybe a nipple is sent, an erect cock in the blokes trousers is often the opening gambit, more flirting and then maybe a shower photo, or a "I'm in bed photo" is shown, fully clothed photos move to partly clothed, hands holding for covering private parts and then stories or fantasies get told.

Photos & Videos
From semi naked to fully naked, the photos get sent in quick response to each other and next min you are fire.  Photos revealing part breast , then full breast with nipples covered, then they come out fully !!!  the bloke with his abs on show, his bum , erect cock in trousers, hand over cock in the mirror and then whooosh its out and the fun begins...

Things move from photos to video and the women love to tease with pictures of damp and wet underwear, sexting videos of themselves fingering their pants and then popping a finger inside their knickers is always a favorite. Next comes the full frontal and the legs spread with fingers and may a vibrator, followed by the block jerking off and maybe face time or live as both parties masturbate in front of each other.

Wow , it can get intense and usually after a sexting session people either go cold, or things get more intense with more and more videos of themselves fucking themselves, and then sitting on vibrators...

All this leading upto the ultimate goal, and that maybe to meet and carry out your fantasies , sexting continues every day but meeting up and fucking is something most people want and can achieve.

So if you want to join the every increasing number of sexting men and women click the link below and start your sexual journey

Whatsapp Sexting Is now Safer
Our  users are now able to send disappearing photos and videos (YAY !!)
Have you been worried that your videos and photos will be stored on someone's phone for ever??? Now photos and videos can be sent and can now disappear after a certain time period.
Facebook have officially announced the view once feature on its flagship messaging app and this is great news for people who send rude messages to each other and maybe worried about people having them lying around on their phones. The photos and videos if not opened can be set to expire and will do after a 14 day period. View once messages will be safer for our sexting community in the long run. So now is the time to get yourself out there and join in the sexting revolution.

*but remember people can if they want to screen record your messages and videos, so ensure you are sending your snaps and vids to the right people who you trust with your bits and bats :-) (Stay Safe) 

Update 2022

Things in the whatsapp world are changing fast and new features announced today include whatsapp communities and new features which could change the whole face of whatsapp sexting.. Whilst facebook and instagram steer well clear of anything over 18+ on their chat groups, whatsapp is about to launch some new group tools which will be in competition with tools such as telegram and twitter groups. So stay tuned for more uptodate info about the new changes with whatsapp.

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