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kik sexting conversation

What Is Kik Sexting

 Not many people know about KIK, well only about 300 million people worldwide actually use  KIK.  For several years now it has been a popular app for dating sites, especially adult related sites and lots of its users trust them. Its quite anonymous and people liked it for that reason. Therefore when it comes to sending rude stories and content more and more people liked the anonymity of the app and therefore trust it to be able to send people naughty stories, rude photos and videos.

Granted it has as a messaging APP fallen behind some of the big players, but it has an advantage over apps like Whatsapp and that is you only need a valid email address to join up.   And as email addresses are quite easy to acquire, KIK sexting became the best way to share your personal sexting photos and keep a little distance when messaging people. Sure as hell don't want people ringing you and mithering you after you have just sent them a photo of your best bits do we.

What Do People Actually Send Whilst Using KIK

Well I think you know exactly what gets sent when two people have the horn on KIK. The general conversation starts off quite tame, with a how are you and how's your day and then quickly moves into do you like sex and then , so do you have a great body. Its rumored women don't like cock pics but for sure they request them all the time.  So after a small amount of time with the chit chat, it moves on to photos of you in the night club, maybe on bed watching TV, then a cleavage pic and some flirting , a slipped nipple may come out and then a hand down your knickers or pants. For the lads, an oh iam going for a shower might be the topic with a nice bum pic, or the girls a turned hip in the shower, followed by a candid breast photo covered of course.

Moving on to the Sexting , it can get quite tasty, with  clothes starting to come off and hand obstructing certain areas, fingers dipping and and our of places which at first cant be seen, then slipped the odd nipple photo and then of course moving onto the hard stuff.

What is the hard stuff shown when using the app

After the soft and chatty conversations, women and men like to get downright dirty, covered erect cocks all of a sudden spring out and women love to see a hard mans penis ready for action. On the mens side, they love to see a lovely bum and a woman removing her bra, but all done slowly , no quick here's my tits photos, all done teasingly and slow. Then the knickers might come down , showing a wet pussy, shaven or hairy I dont think the Blokes mind too much, a slippy finger sliding over their clit is a popular shot and eventually a spreading of the flaps and im sure the bloke is done by that stage. It is fantastic when done well, and also ensure you know you are texting the right person who is over 18.  Checkout Teen Sexting

 This Is When it Gets Interesting
Well after the lord mayors show what's next, sadly most sexters fall off the radar once the crown jewels have been shown, however what happens next can be quite interesting. The next day if your sexting pal messages you back, then you might be in for a surprise. KIK Videos and Live Videos are of course the next progression when it comes to sexting.  Whether you use whatsapp sexting or snapchat sexting  the live video and video chats can be amazing. There is nothing better than a fully dressed woman video sexting you and then slowly taking off her clothes in front of you, revealing her breasts and then DE clothing on live video is one of the best feelings ever.  Then once naked and maybe on a bed, starting to rub herself, hearing her juices on camera is such a turn on. Softly rubbing her clit and moaning can be the ultimate adult conversational experience. And pushing her fingers inside herself you can only imaging being there and doing it yourself.

From a Woman's Angle
Woman are a different breed, they like different things and lots of women don't like cock pics,  its boring and they would much prefer a body or a bum to start with and then maybe move on, when it comes to videos they absolutely love watching a guy jerk off on camera and love watching him pleasure himself and cum whilst chatting to them. It turns them on and if you go first they love to return the favor by showing them what they do to themselves, Especially if they bring in a dildo into the mix and they fuck themselves live on camera for you.

Can we find you someone to Kik Sext with ? has hundreds if not thousands of women in the UK and Worldwide who love sexting, and if you want some of the what we have discussed above you need to join us and see the hundreds of women who want this. They are all like you and me, sat at home bored, cant find someone who they can have fun with so they turn to sites like to find someone. Join us today and find a sexting partner or ten :-)

Update 2023
Well its been a busy few months for us over here at, millions of uses have literally found out site and are interested in sexting people from all over the world. take a look at some of the people who are keen on creating forever friendships online using the search tools below. And if you are using apps like kik to speak to people and sending naughty messages then thats absolutely fine.  Use our app to find people in your area who love to get into sexy chats and send messages and videos to their contacts.

Did you know people also sext using Whatsapp and Snapchat? Check out more by clicking on the links Whatsapp and Snapchat

The Allure and Risks of Sexting on Kik: Exploring the Digital Realm of Intimacy


In the era of digital communication, where smartphones have become an extension of our identities, the exploration of intimacy has taken on new forms. One such manifestation is sexting, the act of exchanging sexually explicit messages, images, or videos. While sexting can occur through various platforms, Kik, a popular instant messaging app, has gained notoriety for its role in facilitating these intimate exchanges. In this article, we delve into the allure and risks associated with sexting on Kik.

The Appeal of Sexting on Kik

Kik, a platform launched in 2010, offers a unique appeal for those seeking an anonymous and discreet space for intimate conversations. Here are some reasons why Kik has become a preferred choice for sexting:

Pseudonymity: Kik allows users to create accounts without providing personal information, enabling individuals to maintain a certain level of anonymity. This pseudonymity can be alluring for those looking to explore their sexual desires discreetly.

Privacy features: Kik's messaging system offers features such as self-destructing messages, where conversations automatically delete after a specific period, and the ability to lock the app with a passcode. These features provide an added layer of privacy for users concerned about their explicit content falling into the wrong hands.

Broad user base: With millions of users worldwide, Kik provides a vast pool of potential sexting partners. The platform's accessibility and popularity among younger audiences make it a hotbed for connecting with like-minded individuals interested in sexual exploration.

Risks and Considerations

While sexting on Kik may offer an enticing digital playground for exploring intimacy, it is essential to be aware of the potential risks involved:

Consent and boundaries: It is crucial to establish clear boundaries and obtain explicit consent before engaging in sexting. Without open communication and mutual agreement, the risk of misunderstanding or non-consensual sharing of explicit content increases.

Privacy concerns: Despite Kik's privacy features, no digital platform can guarantee complete security. There is always a risk that explicit messages, images, or videos could be shared without consent or fall into the wrong hands. It is vital to consider the potential consequences of sharing intimate content and to be cautious about whom you trust.

Legal implications: Sexting involving individuals below the age of consent or the sharing of explicit content without the consent of all parties involved can have severe legal consequences. Understanding the legal implications in your jurisdiction is crucial to avoid unintentionally violating the law.

Emotional well-being: Sexting can blur the lines between virtual and physical intimacy, leading to emotional vulnerability. It is essential to consider the potential impact on mental and emotional well-being and to engage in sexting responsibly.


Sexting on Kik has become a popular means of exploring intimacy and satisfying sexual desires in the digital age. The platform's pseudonymity, privacy features, and extensive user base offer unique advantages for those interested in this form of communication. However, it is crucial to approach sexting on Kik with caution, considering the risks involved. Clear communication, consent, privacy awareness, and understanding the legal implications are essential aspects of engaging in sexting responsibly. Ultimately, personal discretion and thoughtful decision-making are key when navigating the realm of sexting on Kik or any other digital platform.

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