Did you send a naked image or a video, how you should be protecting vulnerable people including children and vulnerable adults


As a parent of a teenage girl I know how hard it is to monitor and track what the heck is going on her phone, hearing stories of friends who have sexted each other doesn't bode well and fills people with fear thinking it will be their kids who fall into the trap of sharing sexually explicit images of themselves which could be banded around the internet for years and years to come.

Report it
With no hesitation if you find someone has been messaging a under 18 child asking to sext you should report this to the authorities instantly. This practice is illegal in most if not every country in the world and there is no excuse for letting this happen to your child.

Take a look at websites which specialise in this   these guys know their stuff and there are loads of helpful guides and videos on there which you can refer to if you suspect your child maybe involved in sexting other people or worse people over 18.


Make sure you check the popular apps on the phones like whatsapp, kik, snapchat and instagram, and read our what is sexting guide

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