Do you know what sexting is? Here is a quick guide to tell you all about it.


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Not everybody knows what sexting is, and thats because with the invention of modern phones its quite a new "thing". Most people over the age of 60 wont probably have a clue what sexting is, nor would they want to know. Of course there are a few "oldies" who would love to know exactly what sexting is as they would love to partake.

When did sexting start?

If we include dirty phone calls, you could describe "chat lines" back in the 80s and 90s as a type of sexting, Late night adverts on TV or adverts in the back of magazines would push you towards ringing a premium call number which would charge you £1.00 a minute to "talk dirty" to a model looking woman or man on the phone.  Some people literally racked up thousands of pounds worth of calls and some got a beating from their wives when they found out they had a £200 phone bill at the end of the month.

How did Sexting Progress

It was the introduction of text messaging that really kicked off the sexting trend, people had mobile phones however you could now text friends and relatives with little notes about your day or when you were due to arrive back home.  Some people took advantage of this and "sexting" was born.  People would send rude messages to each other telling them what they would like to do, or what they were actually doing to themselves.  And then things got really steamy with the invention of the camera phone...

Invention of the Camera Phone

The mobile phone cameras were a game changer for sexting, taking photos of yourself naked, nude or in a sexy position started a trend which still continues today. And as cameras have got better and more of them, videos and not live videos have taken over.  people can send photos of their bits and bats, and also video themselves "pleasing" their bits to each other.

What are the APPS people use for sexting

Sexting started off with SMS Sexting, simple messages to each other as explained above would suffice, however as time has gone on people now use lots of different apps to sext each other. Whatsapp sexting, snapchat sexting and kik sexting appear to be the most popular apps to use when it comes to sexting. Snapchat of course photos and videos disappear within seconds and the cheap thrills lots forever are one of the main reasons why people use snapchat for sexting.

Sexting  Summary

To summarise sexting is to send explicit photos and erotic stories to one another, man to man, woman to woman and man to woman, sending photos of erect penis's, women with their legs spread pleasing themselves seams to be the norm. Nude and naked poses and erotic stories of what we would like to do to each other are the standard.
Just a word of warning, please ensure you stay legal when sexting and be mindful of who you are sexting and how old they are, as sexting is illegal in some circumstances especially when it comes to childrens ages etc, read our protecting children sexting guide.

Where to find people for sexting

You can speak to friends who are game for a quick sexting session, you maybe lucky to find someone who is up for the challenge, or you can join sites like https://www.sexting.co.uk which has literally hundreds if not thousands of men and women join every day, week and year to share stories, photos and videos of each other.

Happy Sexting, Stay Safe

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Sexting Facts

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