A question asked my millions of people around the world and of course the answer is different depending where you live.


sexting man UK
Sexting in the UK is legal as long as the sender and the receiver are expecting the image or video.  You may be breaking the law if you send an unsolicited image to someone who is not expecting it and does not want it... An unwanted image maybe deemed as harassment or even blackmail.  If you want more information about what is sexting please read our sexting guide.

Age Restrictions of Sexting
Remember sending images of people under the age of 18 in the UK is illegal and you should contact the authorities if you feel you have been exploited or someone has been exploited. Read our protecting children sexting guide

Under 18s sending Explicit Images
This is a no no, and illegal in the UK, the child has committed and offence by storing that image and also a further offence by distributing that image. Please be aware that, while offences may technically have been committed by the child/children involved, the matter will be dealt with sensitively.

Is Sexually Explicit Chat Between Adults OK?
Absolutely OK as long as both parties consent to this type of exchange

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Sexting Facts

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