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no holds barred sexting everyday, from selfies to naughties and videos check them out. Want to know more about what is sexting?

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Finding people who want to swap videos and photos in your area today

Find Sexting Partners

Finding people who love to dirty chat and share intimate shots  - Read about how to sext here

Multiple Platforms

Our members all use the popular platforms on this sexting app  to sext on whatsapp, kik , snapchat , messenger and SMS And now in multiple countries including the UK and Sexting in the USA Take a look at our 5 best free sexting apps

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Our Site is used every day by people who love to send sexy texts , swapping naughty videos and photos of themselves privately with you , see who is swapping in your area today. Get Access to Free Sexting Chats with people in your area, because once you have sexted them, the next step is to carry out your fantasies


Sending Naughty Photos & Videos

One of the main reasons people join sexting is to send rude photos, stories and videos, why dont you join in the fun using apps like whatsapp to help send those rudey chats Do you need to know what are the best sexting emojis people are using, then check out our Best Sexting Emojis Guide

Free Sexting in Your Town

People love to sex all over the country, however sexting someone in your local area feels that bit more special, knowing you could, if you wanted meet up and have amazing sex with this person. Checkout who is sexting in your town today and if you dont know how to sext then check out our free how to sext guide

Have you got the right tools? Many of our visitors use different tools , like Kik, Whatsapp, Snapchat, FB messenger and simple SMS from your phone.Also dont forget facetime too


Sending Stories Via

Making up rude stories telling people what you would like to do to them or having someone tell you what and how they would like to touch or feel you is one of the best feelings whilst Sexting, be sure to read some of the rudest conversations we have on site. Checkout if sexting is illegal in the UK

Dirty Chat Can Lead to More

Having started sending dirty messages to each other you never know what can happen.  20% of people who send dirty chats to each other end up sending videos and eventually end up meeting in real life and you never know what can happen.

Sexting Facts and Advice

We dont just tell you where you can start sexting with a girl, we also provide fantastic advice about how to start sexting with your girl too, check out our sexting facts guides

 Tools of the Trade

Lots of people ask us which tools they can use and the best tools to try whilst sexting other people.  Well most people have their favorites but there are some special tools which allow us to hide and not share some of the most naughty chat messages we send to each other.  Snapchat is super great for disappearing messages and also provides a facility to inform us if the person receiving the message has taken a screenshot.  We can also send really short time delayed photos using snapchat which is fantastic for when you want to send that quick nude :-) .

 Many people also use apps like KIK because they can hide their identity and you dont need a phone number, just en email address to create a kik account. Kik is very very popular when it comes to sending naughty messages and is used by lots and lots of people for this reason.


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Have you ever seen a saucy photo of a girl living in your town or village who maybe looking to swap naughty photos and stories, well here is your chance to , lots of photos and videos are uploaded by people living in your local area everyday.

Mobile Sex App

Using Sexting on a mobile couldn't be easier, a superb mobile designed site has been created for every mobile.

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It is Free to Join, Free to Search, upload your photos and see who has been checking you out Look for Sexting Examples of what people say and send to each other.

Whats your Preference

With loads of people looking to share naughty photos and videos on our site everyday, the choice of person to choose to Sext is huge, from thin people to fat people, old to young, 18 to 80, these people all love to flirt and sex using

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Latest Sexting Trends

We get asked all the time what are the best apps to use when sexting people and swapping pics and videos and there honestly isn't one answer.  In fact we have found that depending on your age, depends on which app you use.  Lots of the younger people like to use snapchat for sexting, they find the tools easy to use and love the filters it uses to smooth out photos and videos 

And if you are of an older age, then whatsapp and SMS are the main contenders, along with FB messenger, although you need to be careful with messenger as its not as secure maybe as it should.  You dont want you naughty messages being accessed off your phone. Instagram is now very popular with the younger sexters and it flipflops from one social media platform to another. But whatsapp is really the king when it comes to sexting, or indeed website based apps which are springing up all over the place. Keeping your messages and photos secure is one of the key factors. Are you looking to promote an onlyfans account , take a look at our free onlyfans promo account