Sexting has been around for quite sometime now, a huge proportion of the population under 50 have tried sexting at some point in time. Sexting requires a lot of trust between both parties, knowing that the content shared will not be passed on to other people.

Sexting is where two or maybe more parties send messages, photos or videos to each other which are sexually explicit. sext can involve on or more of the following

  • Sending a sexually explicit message
  • Nude or semi nude photo (sexting pics)
  • Photos of sexual acts
  • Live chats with someone involving sexual acts
  • Recorded Videos of Sexual Acts or Body Parts

According to a recent study 49% of people in a girlfriend/boyfriend relationship sent sexually explicit messages to each other.
43% of people asked said they were sexting people who they liked or thy were physically attracted to.

What is needed to start Sexting

Mutual Trust is the major factor of sexting, if you feel you can trust the person or people you are going to send sexually content to then that is a good start, always ensure you get consent of the other party if you are going to engage with sexting. Don't just put it out there and expect the other party to join in.

Thinking about Sexting Consider these rules

Why do you want to send a sext?
Its definitely important you are in the control of the situation, dont put yourself in a situation wher you feel pressurised to do or send anything

How Well do I know the person im sexting?
Do you know and trust the person who you are sending messages to? Will i have some control?

Will I have Control Of The Sexting Situation
If I send sexualised material where will it endup and do i have any control whatsoever of the process?

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Sexting Facts

Take a look at our latest secting facts. Learn about sexting and the best ways to find someone to sext with