An interesting factoid about sexting - here are 10 facts about sexting you may or may not have known.


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Girls have a mixture of reasons to start sexting with a friend or partner, 40% start sexting as a joke, 34% because it makes them feel sexy and 12% feel pressure to start texting with a partner or friend Read our what is sexting guide
Amazingly enough 17% of sexters share their messages with other people, and 50% of those share them with one or more person, so be careful who you choose to share your naughties with
A massive 70% of teens admit to Sexting - 61% of sexters admit to sending nude photos and say they felt pressurised to send them.
A huge proportion of people use sexting however only 40% of teens have used sexting for fun, Boys are more likely to have used sexting than girls
You might be surprised by this answer, 22% of girls admit to sending nude images whilst only 18% of boys admit to this
A huge proportion of people send Naughty photos and stories to people they know, but 15% of people send nudes to peoples they have never met
In this day and age its not surprising that smartphones are now the most popular way of sexting, with apps like whatsapp and snapchat making it more secure
A huge percentage of people who send rude photos are breaking the law, so ensure you are 100% legal and check the laws where you live
A large proportion of sexting involves naughty stories about themselves, Its estimated and 500 million rude stories are sent every month via sexting
A quick study finds that 40% of sexting is done using whatsapp, 20% using KIK and 10% using Snapchat, leaving 30% for other APPS including SMS

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