What are the reasons for sexting?

Published: 04/07/2022


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With the ever-growing rise of modern technology, the world is literally in the palm of our hands in the form of mobile phones. Everything we could ever want is simply a tap away, which means our access to potential sexual partners is now limitless. The internet now means we no longer need to meet people in person to satiate sexual desire, many people turn to sexting as a way to fulfil their needs in a convenient and safe way. So why do people choose to sext rather than make in-person connections? In this latest blog post, we dive into the world of sexting and why so many people are now choosing to build sexual relationships through their phone screens. 


One of the main reasons a person may turn to sexting a person rather than meeting them in real life is distance. With the ability to meet anyone from anywhere in the world, the internet frees us from the restrictions of only having the people in our local areas meet for sex. The convenience of sexting means you can chat with anyone you want, without ever having to travel away from your home. Sexting also proves popular for committed long-distance relationships as a way to remain intimate whilst not being physically present with each other. 


When meeting people casually for sex there are always certain risks that come alongside this. For example, the transmission of STD’s, as well as the risks to personal safety. Sexting serves as a completely safe and secure way to engage in a sexual act that also gives you full control of a situation. If you feel uncomfortable or threatened, you can simply block someone from messaging you again. Always make sure to refrain from giving away personal information to people you don’t know to maintain your privacy and security. 


Sexting ultimately is yet another outlet for humans to express their sexuality and fulfil sexual desires. Some people may get everything they need from having sexually explicit discussions with another person through text to feel aroused, masturbate and feel fulfilled. Sexting allows people to create arousing narratives that turn each other on, and can even spice up committed, long-term relationships. 


If someone has never had sex before, or has limited sexual experience and confidence, they may find safety and security in sexting. They may choose to use it as a way to build up the confidence they have yet to find in real-life sexual scenarios. It can help them to find ways to talk seductively to partners and also illuminate them to ways their partners may like to be sexually pleasured. 

Almost every person with access to modern technology finds themself sexting at some stage in their life, whether this is in a casual sense with people they meet online or as part of a loving relationship. Ultimately sexting helps to break down barriers to provide an easy way for humans to find sexual fulfillment.


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