One of the more popular questions asked when it comes to Sexting, taker a look below and find out what people are saying about sexting


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There is no real answer to this one. The real question is "It depends on your relationship" , and also it also depends on who the sexting is between.  Not every person would find it attractive if they find their partner has been sending dick pics, or boob pics to someone other than them.  But believe us when we say it happens more than you think. Setting boundaries right from the start of a relationship and annoucing your expectations can really help people when they consider things like sexting.  If they know their partner would not be happy then you can 99% be sure they would consider the act of sexting as cheating.

There are also a huge number of different ways when it comes to sexting and cheating.  Sexting falls into the "Cyber" and online affairs category.  Whilst the two people who are sexting may not actually meet, they are indeed "getting off" on each others chat and photos or videos which are sent.  Even tough there is no physical contact the emotional problems may occur due to the intimate content with another party.  Some people are OK with it, whilst others it would destroy their relationships.

What do we count as sexting

Some examples of sexting are as follows;
  • Sending Rude or Nude Photos
  • Sending Explicit Videos
  • Messaging about sexual acts or fantasies
  • Forwarding explicit messages, memes and videos

Does Sexting Lead to An Affair

50 to 60 percentage of young adults engage in sexting however sexting when it comes on a mobile phone is quite a new thing. Remember 25 years ago mobile phones were only coming on the market and they were the size of kettles !! The first ever text message was sent on 3rd of december 1992 it simply said "Merry Christmas" .. So since then things have moved on quite quickly. And sexting was born soon after. "Merry Christmas - Show me your tits" was probably sent as soon as picture messages were popular (1997). Depending on location sexting can lead to affairs and cheating, it clearly the next step when it comes to getting it on with someone you find attractive.  And first meets from people who have been sexting for quite sometime can be explosive.  All that pent up tension release (normally over someones face or tits :)


Final Thoughts

There are lots of things you can do if you find out your partner has been sexting someone. One of the most surprising things is it can build a relationship as some couples understand more the needs of their partner. They may indeed "join in" the fun and they may start to frequent sites like and find a sexting pal themselves. OR indeed they may change their ways and start to sext their partner more as they know he or she likes the attention. Sadly for some sexting is seen as cheating and some people cannot get over the fact that they are not enough for their partner and they do end up separating.

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