They chatted generally about their day. Why dont you put your hand on my crotch? He said. She looked around, everyone was engrossed in conversation. She placed her hand as he'd asked and could feel he was hard. Like the feel of that?

Now go into the toilets and take off your panties, I want you to bring them back and put them in my hand. She was taken aback, surely he didnt expect her to do that in a pub. He smiled at her. She got up and went into the ladies bathroom. Checked her reflection in the mirror, she looked slightly flushed.

She went into a cubicle, took her black undies off and put them in her pocket. She felt slightly anxious as she went back into the bar. Took them out of her pocket and put them into his hand under the table.

Now darling, shall we go outside ? he said. She nodded. He took hold of her hand and led her up the stairs out into the car park. It was dry outside and he lead her to the corner near a small van which obscured them from view.

Turn around and lean against the van. She did As he asked. he lifted her dress up and her naked bottom was revealed. He rubbed his hand over her buttocks. Spank! His hand came into contact with her skin. Do you like that, my little? He whispered in her ear.

It hurt but it was so exhilarating at the same time. He continued to spank alternate cheeks. Suddenly she felt his hand between her legs. So you're outside in a public car park with your bottom half exposed, thats tarty isnt it my little? In her head she knew it was and that added to the excitement mixed with nerves.

He began to finger her, and she knew she was getting wetter. Small moans escaped her. Enjoying that a little too much, my little he said quietly. His fingers disappeared. Ouch! He was using something across her bottom. It took her a few seconds to work out what it was. It was a small crop and it hurt. She couldnt cry out, someone might hear her and she knew if she did, he wouldnt be happy.

The crop had to be leaving marks on her, shed look at them later in the mirror. She stifled the moans she wanted to make. Her nerve endings were tingling and she knew her nipples had hardened.

It had started to rain, the water was dripping down her face and she knew she was feeling wet between her legs too. How many shall I do, my little? She knew whatever she answered wouldnt be the right answer. 10 she whispered. I think 12 seems fair, I saw you online last night, I expect you were chatting to other men.

Shed counted to 9 already. She braced herself for the final 3. Her buttocks were stinging a little now, made worse by the rain. He finished the 12. She thought she heard footsteps, she hoped not, as she was feeling rather exposed.

Come here my little he said. She turned to face him. He stroked her cheek gently. do you deserve a reward? She nodded and looked down at the ground. Kneel down. She struggles a little as her dress was tight and her heels high. Once she was knelt, she looked up at him, her red lipstick glimmering. Her knees were hurting on the gravel, she knew better than to complain.

He began to undo his belt. She loved the sound of the buckle. He unbuttoned his jeans and she could see that his penis was rock hard under his boxers.

He looked down at her, Im not sure youve earned touching that yet.

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