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What Is Sexy Texting

Sexy texting pretty much came out when the first camera phones entered the market back in 1999.  A revolution in its own right to allow people to actually take photos on their phones for the first time ever.  However people had to wait until 2002 to actually send those messages using MMS (Multi Media Service) to each other.  The Sexy Texting service was born and people all over the world started sending photos to each other.  We are guessing it started with family orientated photos of Grandpa and the Dog, and then slowly moved onto a quick "nip pic" and maybe the odd cock pic.  I wonder who indeed sent the first photo message of their "cock" . I bet they never imagined what a craze they had just created with now billions of people only 19 years later using apps like whatsapp and SMS, facebook and twitter to send photos of themselves to other people around the world.

So Whats Happening Now
Well since the familiarization of phones and the acceptance of sending sexy pics to each other the craze has grown and grown.  So if you have been left out in the cold with nobody to sext, then we have a website for you packed full of people who also want to send sexy photos to one another.  Welcome a fantastic website packed full of people like you.  Click the Signup button below and find someone in your area who wants to chat to you today.

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With literally loads of people looking to swap photos and videos on our site everyday, the chocie is fantastic, small, big, shaved, hairy, doggy, outside, inside there are so many people wanting so many things its upto you who you want to swap photos with today Maybe use facetime too for that ultimate sexting experience.

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