Yes, we get this question all the time when sending the odd rude message to someone who you love sexting.  Which are the best sexting emojis and what exactly do they mean. Take a look below and find out what are the best icons to use and what they mean.

Emoji Description Meaning
🍆 Eggplant Penis
🍑 Peach Butt or Bum
👌 Ok Hand Anal Sex
👆 Pointed Finger Fingering
🌮 Taco Vagina
🌭 Hot Dog Penis
💦 Sweat Droplets Orgasm / Cum
🥕 Carrot Penis
🍒 Cherries Balls / Testicles
Cancer Zodiac 69 / Oral
🛌 Bed Come to Bed
💋 Kiss Kiss
👅 Tongue Tongue / Suck
👿 Devil Horn Horny
Do you know of any good sexting emojis, add them below and let us know.

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