Another popular question which is asked in the dating world. How soon can I start sexting someone


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Its quite a popular question, how many dates should I go on before I start sexting my partner.  The answer of course is varied and depends on several factors.

1. Is the relationship based around religion

2. Is it a girl asking or a boy

3. What do you consider Sexting?

4. Is it serious


Many couples start their relationship with lust being the primary factor, sexting and flirting in most countries comes second nature and you wont be surprised that 80% of people flirt by the way of sexting before they even date.  Yes thats 80% of people who start out sending pictures of their bits and bats before even sharing a burger with their intended.
Its all part of the sexual attraction dating game, so dont be shy.  If you havent got that someone to sext with then dont mess around and go and find them.

Which APPS should i use to Sext with

There are plenty of apps you could consider and privacy and security should be included when choosing an app.  But for the record, disappearing messages and secure apps are all the business these days, so you can consider sexting with snapchat, whatsapp and kik for starters.  Insta and FB messager can be subject to security checks etc etc and you might get pulled up.

What do we count as sexting

Some examples of sexting are as follows;
  • Sending Rude or Nude Photos
  • Sending Explicit Videos
  • Messaging about sexual acts or fantasies
  • Forwarding explicit messages, memes and videos

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Sexting Facts

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