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The use of onlyfans has increased to huge numbers but what is it about and how do people make money

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What Is OnlyFans and Can I Make Money

OnlyFans is a content sharing platform which was launched in London in 2016 by Tim Stokely
So what exactly do people share on OnlyFans and why is it so popular.  OnlyFans was born from the idea that content creators in the world wanted to monetise their work.  Which isnt a bad thing.   OnlyFans is what people used to call (and probably still do) a paywall.  Many of the social media companies have been reluctant to create paywalls for content, we are not sure why but they have been slow off the mark when it comes to rewarding people for content.  Social media companies like facebook and twitter have fallen short when it comes to allowing its users monetise their content.  So along comes OnlyFans and allows creators to show some content and hide some content.  Which allows them to get paid for content they want to hide.

Who uses OnlyFans and Why

Getting a bad name in this industry isnt always the worst thing, but it will take onlyfans some time to remove the "adult only" stigma from its name.. Ask anybody what they think onlyfans is and they will tell you its for women to show their bits and get paid for it.  Initially that may have been true of OnlyFans, lots of content creators were and are from the adult industry and getting paid for material is the name of the game.  Lots of women (and now blokes) have made a pretty penny getting subscribers to pay for their material.. But who uses OnlyFans Now?

You would be surprised if we told you that the top earners are raking it in on onlyfans.  They have plugged in their Instagram and Twitter accounts who have huge followings and have made fortunes from getting these people to pay for unique content only available to the paying customer.   There are now well over 450,000 content creators and millions of viewers and customers access this content every day.  The content can range from new photos and videos , to some more hardcore material which attracts a large viewing audience. 

How Much can I Make
Have you got an audience for your material?  If not, then its time to get one, because on onlyfans you can monetise that audience and make tons of cash. But you need to do it well and you need to build audiences on multiple platforms to "checkout" on onlyfans.

The earnings can be endless, the top earners taking home upwards of $25,000,000 a month, and the newbies making £10 a month.. As mentioned its all about audience and sometimes material available.

How do I Go about Making Some $$$$

First you need to Join OnlyFans , then after joining you can add some material either on a FREE account (keeping it clean) or on a paid account.
If you have no audience (twitter or Insta) then its time to get one, and building an army of fans on these platforms is hard work. But rewarding. have an Only Fans Promo section which can get you noticed by people looking for OnlyFans accounts, so consider joining the Promo programme (its free at the moment)

Is onlyFans just Porn?

Initially the press for OnlyFans concentrated on the naked girls theme and in fairness lots of the business promoting only fans centered around that fact.  But new onlyfans creators are cashing in on OnlyFans payment gateways by creating content which can me monetised. Example DJs can release sets to their only fans members first, and photographers have dedicated paying members to see their work first.  There are literally thousands of content creation ideas which could be used to make ££££. 

Join Now and Start Your Journey

Starting a New account is the road to success, whether you want to flash your bits to the lads, or you have creative skills when it comes to art or music, onlyfans can help you monetise your followers.  Signup today and start earning

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