Sexting Facts Guides

Welcome to - not only are we here to provide you with a way to find people to sext with, we also want to provide you with information guides to keep you safe. There are lots of things to consider when sexting another person, including age, sex, and whether they have given you permission to sext them. Checkout our fact checkers below which will guide you through being safe when sexting someone.
Learn 10 amazing Facts about Sexting.
Is sexting legal in the UK? a Question asked by thousands of people every month, here are your answers
Find information about what to do if you find children are engaging in sexting, watch the videos and guides to help you out and reporting to the correct authorities.
Time to look at the best sites and sexting apps out there
Do you not know what sexting us, read our What is sexting guide and find out what you are missing out on.
Do you know millions of teens are sexting right now, take a look at our teen sexting guide.